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California Feces Cleanup Information

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California Feces Cleanup Services Narrative

California feces cleanup services available every day. Call at any time for professional feces cleanup. I'm Eddie Evans and I've been in the infectious waste business for 15 years.

I work throughout Southern California, including a lot of California depending upon demands for my services.

I try to price my service as an affordable, professional cleaning experience for my clients.

I remove feces from dwellings that may include homes, businesses, and even factories.

Please keep in mind that feces is infectious waste and as such harbors dangerous germs and viruses. Over 6,000 known viruses reside in human feces, for example. Bird poop harbors influenza viruses of the worse type.

California Feces Cleanup Service

What I do:

  • I guarantee my work.
  • I guarantee my price.
  • I view the scene.
  • I clean bathrooms.
  • I remove feces from floors.
  • I remove feces from walls and appliances
  • I remove bags containing feces from the premises.
  • I disinfect.
  • I reclean floors by scrubbing, rinsing, and disinfecting.

Each call received by this biohazard cleaner receives the fastest service that a single owner - cleaner can offer. Feces, too, carries the designation of "infectious waste." Feces cleanup remains a hazard for this professional cleaner as well as others.

Perhaps not a biohazard, infectious waste of the feces sort causes illness and death for many people every year. For this reason I clean as well as possible while protecting myself. No one wants to pay for a massive feces cleanup and then have their home smell like death warmed over.

Stool is a common term normally used in reference to human feces. For example, in medicine to diagnose the presence or absence of a medical condition, a stool sample is sometimes requested for testing purposes. The term "stool" can also be used for that of non-human species. In all, stool serves our medical community quite well when it comes to deadly outcomes of fecal matter gone wild -- Feces cleanup for diarrhea follows, but with much more risk than feces cleanup for simple feces buildup for whatever other reasons.


Fees for California

Because some people have chose to renege on payment, full payment or partial payment, over the last 15 years, I'm forced to require cash payment. This has not happened in California.

For exceptionally large California feces cleanup task I asked for a down payment before work begins. And if the job is such that it requires more than one day cleaning, I ask for payment at the end of each workday.

For large jobs, each workday I begin with a partial payment before work begins. It's unfortunate that I must be so rigid, that failure to do my business any other way means that it's really not worth my while to even bother.

Like any other business, my fees reflect the cost of staying in business plus a profit. My prices remain lower than a maid service with two maids charges, and they will not do this type of work.

The answer lies outside their apartment or home. Tell someone nearby that we cleanup poop for a living and their response turns to a horrific stare. "How can you?"

In light of these responses, the odors, the time, the materials, years of experience and expertise, yes, I must charge a decent fee suitable for a biohazard cleanup practitioner .Besides, feces exposes the cleaner to any number of disease baring bacteria and most often poor working conditions.

We no longer have chambermaids at work doing feces cleanup, except of course for California 's mothers and fathers involved in changing baby diapers and caretakers working with the sick and dying. Others involved in feces cleanup, like me, Eddie Evans, carry a labels known as biohazard cleanup practitioners.

It happened that feces cleanup came into my business repertoire because of Sheriff employees' fraud. They send families of the dead to corrupt Feces Cleanup companies. These feces cleanup companies also do poop cleanup work; they must because sometimes a death cleanup entails poop cleanup as well. But they cannot do poop cleanup nearly as well or as cheaply as I do.

We earn money at this task because today because feces cleanup carries a social stigma, even in California. Still, jokingly sharing this task in a group of friendly joke tellers in California leads to serious laughter. See what response you get. "How could they!" So there's a social stigma attached to the feces cleanup business; imagine that this work must have some influence over one's self-esteem.

Remember the Jackie Gleason Honeymooner's and Fred's role as a sewer worker, "waste management engineer"? Groups nationwide laughed every week as the Gleasons laughed at Fred's role in the field of feces cleanup.



Metabolic Waste

Readers might care to know about the origins of the word feces. It originated in the Latin and means "dregs." Other words used in their English variations. For human feces, we hear words like shit, crap, poo, poop, and doodoo. Guano, dung, scat, spor, droppings, and pads are used for non-human feces.

We hear the word stool when in a medical setting. Stool serves us as a laboratory substance for diagnosing disease and problems with our origins. Medical science has proven that simply by analyzing our stool that our general health becomes known because it's the testicle samples in the past. So these days many of us are requested to give a stool sample at least once a year. Among the elderly this is common practice.

The term stool arose from the use of a short-legged piece of furniture used to reseals one's fecal matter into a pot below. Among the more advantaged members of society, these stool pots were made of brass, ceramic, and other expensive materials. Often times artful designs articulated an elaborate display of classical images.

For the less fortunate, assuming that a stool came into their possession, feces made its way into a wooden bucket at the bottom of a family chair-like furniture for dedication. Most often during the days of stool us for feces control, poor people went outdoors where they pooped in the nearest, most user friendly area; more though, their stool often served as manure for crop fertilizing.

In feces use as a fertilizer, the term stool derives from the noun stool or chair-like furniture for pooping; a piece of furniture enclosing a chamber pot that could be used during the night and closed afterwards served the ruling classes of Western Civilization for hundreds of years, but not in California.


Chambermaid Feces Cleanup

As the monarchies emerged as the dominant political structure in the middle-ages, chambermaids came into existence. With the monarchies and the generations to follow within their political structures, rock fortresses, castles, grew across the European and British Isles. Kings and queens lived in their tidy chambers with guards abounding and chambermaids too, both essential. Chamber maids were  woman or girls indentured or privileged to share the ruling class's comfortable living conditions. Their rent they paid by feces cleanup among other chores.

A primary duty, probably their only duty in large families, feces cleanup meant retrieving and emptying the family chamber pots -- "honey pots" to some. Feces dropped into large outdoor containers for transportation to fields for fertilizer. In some cases this feces piled up outdoors. Feces cleanup sometimes required paid feces transfer companies.

Feces cleanup became a field of cultural change as chambermaids sought relief for their feces soiled shoes. Entrepreneurs began making higher heels for the chambermaids' shoes. Feces cleanup became less disgusting, but it remained feces cleanup, nonetheless. Eventually their shows became known as "high heels" as they made their way among princely pies of royal poop.

Today's high heels have no such connection to feces cleanup, as far as known by this writer; although, I do know that a good, highly laced set of impermeable, steel-toed boots serve well enough for feces cleanup. Known as feces cleanup boots in my house, they remain outdoors where feces piles would have grown in the days of castles and honey pots.


Feces Odor


Few of us fail to notice the distinctive odor of human feces. We know when it's close, we know when it's fresh, and we know what we need feces cleanup now and not later. In the mid-19th century in both London and Paris, feces cleanup became a big story.

Today, we know that in our grade schools the rest rooms are often smeared with fecal matter. In such cases janitorial staff are called to the rest room for this feces cleanup task. It's not a well known story.

Feces cleanup in a Needle's public rest room sometimes shows evidence of a childhood deviant behavior. I suppose a Freudian would call this some sort of a annual complex; I mean when a child smears their own feces on walls doors and mirrors they have some sort of annual complex. If nothing else they're sharing their sense of frustration and rage in their current environmental situation, your environmental social situation, that is.

Feces odor arises from bacterial actions. We have flora in our stomach which we call gut flora. It produces compounds in Nice compounds release inorganic gases known as hydrogen sulfide.

If you recognize this hydrogen sulfide near a death scene, there's a good reason for it. We also find this hydrogen sulfide odor on death scenes where somebody has decomposed. Naturally we understand that this hydrogen sulfide order arose from gut flora decomposition.

Often times during feces cleanup we can tell that the depositing body consumed heavy spices, which add to the power of feces odors.

We perceive feces odors as bad odors. We understand that sonic illnesses like diarrhea may arise from fecal matter distribution in restaurants, fast food businesses, and all too often in delicatessens. We know too that there are over 6000 viruses in human feces. So we perceive fecal matter orders as dangerous and we should.

Now we can contrast human fecal orders with other animals poop odors. For example, the odor of bird poop becomes most offensive to us when bird urine has mixed into a large pile of bird poop over a prolonged period of time. We know to that animals attracted to the fecal order may in fact consume feces.


Studies on communities living around such farms have indicated individuals exposed to the odors and emissions from around the lagoons have more respiratory complaints and increased asthma symptoms. Moreover, when hogs are raised in crowded environments in industrial-scale farms they require greater quantities of antibiotics to promote growth and compensate for unsanitary conditions. That antibiotic use is linked with increased antibiotic resistance in humans.

According to one company, cattle produce an average of 1,100 to 1,300 liters of manure during its lifetime (including the water used to push the pig feces into pits below their pens). It would be the same in California.

We know that many species of beetle, known as dung beetles, consume elephant and herbivore feces worldwide. In fact, at one time Australian farmers imported African dung beetles to plant on their ranch ranges because there were no native dung beetles to consume the imported beef cattle feces pads. These beetles expertly bore into and begin consuming feces at an alarming rate. Some species of dung beetle present a shocking experience to those new to the world of feces consuming beetles.

Cheetahs are known to carry an Alzheimer's-like virus that leads to the AA amyloidosis disease. It is a fatal disease. It is thought that they acquire this disease in the wild. Science researchers find that amyloid-laden tissues from dead cheetahs continue to carry this virus. In migrates to mice. Mice become infected by the virus in the wild and in the zoo settings.

Another disease known as AA amyloidosis appears in those cheetah that and read. Has something to do with tangles in the amyloid fibrils.




Diarrhea leads to one type of feces cleanup or another. Either the diarrhea victim cleans or someone else cleans. In extreme situations, a professional cleaner that has expertise in infectious waist cleanup comes to mind.


Curing Deadly Diarrhea

Leave it to science when it comes to using high technology on a simple substance like feces and diarrhea cleanup in California. So enters a trial bacteria and friendly fecal bacteria in the fight against C. difficile.

A deadly bacteria known as C. difficile bacteria causes diarrhea leading to feces cleanup for some 500,000 of us yearly. Of this number, about 15,000 die every year. Uncontrollable diarrhea caused by infection with Clostridium difficile. Uncontrollable diarrhea often kills tens of thousands of infants worldwide each year.

Living our environment and even in our bodies. But in our bodies we have natural for or natural bacteria to protect our bodies. The problem is that when C. difficile receives aid and comfort from external sources in our environment, its population grows on check.

It's toxins reproduce quickly and as a bacteria that cause inflammation and cell death. This leads to explosive conditions within as we all know. Left unchecked, it leads to a severe dehydration. Even kidney failure can follow holes in our intestines and death ensues.

Now, we have a lead on controlling these conditions by increasing failed stomach flora, friendly feces bacteria, with toy-like structures. The size of microorganisms, medical researchers designed. Robo-gut to create a ‘super-probiotic’ stool substitute.

So there's hope, but first much more feces cleanup must occur and many thousands of hours of diarrhea must pass for millions of us struck by diarrhea. (return)



Feces Composition

A chart follows listing the inert properties of feces. This means the part of feces that make it what it is, its essence. We do not find the biological specimens or ecological relationships in these material properties.

Of concern to this writer and others with a concern about feces as a biologically infectious material belongs to the life sciences categories; most importantly, microorganisms studied by microbiologists give us a better idea of the biology and ecology of feces.

Feces Basic Chemistry

We would be sorely mistaken to suppose that the below list of feces' components create the entire list of elements present in human feces. When it comes to feces cleanup, keep in mind that there are real living microorganisms numbering in the hundreds of millions in feces. Any number of these bacteria or viruses may harbor infectious properties. Just the same, it does not hurt to take a quick look at the stuff making up the basic building blocks of feces, its chemistry.

Keep in mind that microorganisms change the acidic and alkaline levels within the body. Chemicals change and the components of fecal matter must change to some degree too. Therefore, the below list is feces without influences from the chemical changes brought about by bacteria consumption and excretion.

See my feces cleanup narrative for more about feces cleanup by governments. Look for ward to finding my services available in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, and Ventura County. Here's another Los Angeles page for poop cleanup.

Delaware and a sample Los Angeles County page bounds for the moment. Studio City was absent so I added it on March 27, 2019.

San Diego County homeless people defecate behind bushes, on sidewalks in front of stores, and analogies. As a result San Diego County health services cannot handle feces cleanup requirements. Therefore, I have added San Diego County feces cleanup for the homeless, also known as San Diego County homeless cleanup.

Seal Beach Leisure World added on November 17, 2018. On January 25, 2019 I added Bakersfield feces cleanup. I added incontinence cleanup with this Pomona feces cleanup page. Added Chatsworth in June, 2019. To these wonderful additions, we find Torrance added as of January 27, 2020.





From residential settings and small businesses I accept cash only California feces cleanup; from 501C3, government, and larger corporations I accept check payment within 30 days. I have this strict payment business plan because over the last 15 years a number of customers chose to renege on payment or full payment. I would just as well not work as work for nothing. Real estate companies, for example, receive 30 days for service.